The FishBox

  • Portable aquarium controlled by the computer
  • The automatic system of oxidization and fully-filled with water, which ends in decrease of shake and stress of the animals
  • The process of launching the oxygen tablets ensures the oxygen circulation for a long time at low cost

Why is the old way of fish transportation not suitable?

The big problem is the shake of boxes, which negatively influences the fish. After a long transportation the fish are dieng for stress. Our Fishbox eliminates the shake. In addition, it is ecological, because it is reusable in contrast with disposable portable sacks.

Fish are packed into the sacks, there are 2 thirds of air and 1 third of water. Sacks are placed into the polystyrene boxes, which secure the stable temperature. This way of transportation is very cheap, but not suitable. After some time, there is the lack of oxygen, high rate of pollution, hunger. 

Technical parameters

  • The base plate Arduino, the timer - controlls the system of oxygen dosage tablets
  • The mobile application controlls the oxygen dosage tablets.
  • This application joins Fishbox with your smartphone
  • The management of tablets drop-in period is controlled by the application (photos of the app, Fishbox video)
  • The system of management and dosages is saved in an individual component. This adapter is multifunctional. You can fix it to anything and use the controlled quantization of anything remotely

The portable aquarium of 30x25x27 cm

  1. made of plexiglass,
  2. surrounded by polystyrene, which secures the stable temperature,
  3. it is fully-filled with water, which minimalizes the shake,
  4. at the top, there is the valve, which sends the fumes and gases out of the box. The design of the valve disables water to leak out of the box.
  • Fishbox is highly resistant to shake

The Use of Fishbox

1. A portable box for fish - Fishbox with the remote control of oxidization management

2. A fish tank

  • Take the Fishbox adapter and join it to your aquarium. Use the fish food instead of oxygen tablets. The feeding process can be controlled by the application. The fanciers will appreciate that.
3. What to do with the aquarium during your holidays? 
  • The Fishbox can be easily extended to other components and after small modifications it can be used as aquarium remotely controlled via the Internet.

4. Automatic dispenser in different life situations (pools, fermentation process etc.)

Who is Fishbox intended to?

1. Fishbox is intended to fish fanciers

2. Passionate aquarists who often exchange the fish within the community

3. Fish farms, fish breeders, mainly of rare fish, which are often sent to the other parts of the world

4. The shipping companies, who can offer Fishbox as a safe way of fish transportation

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